Transpower Benchmark Agreement

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In accordance with TPM Item 42, Transpower must publish information on approved Prudent Discount Agreements (PDAs). Transpower currently has two PDAs, one in Aniwhenua and Matahina and the other in Waipori. We also have in force a notional Embedding Agreement (NEA) which was the kind of agreement that preceded the PDAs. The NEAs are for production at Waitaki. The table below describes the customers who were included in the reference agreement in the code of conduct for the electricity sector and the last time we changed their schedules. We also provided details of all contracts with amended clauses and determined where customers have old “interconnection contracts” and not transfer contracts. This page contains information on prices, rentals and transfer contracts. Opportunities for companies to learn how to find solutions or to hear how others are addressing the challenges of measuring and reducing emissions. Read more The Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) was established in July 2018 to promote governance and collective action on climate change. Its strategy for the year20-2025 describes the future direction of the organization.

Sixty companies, which account for nearly 50% of New Zealand`s emissions, have come together to tackle climate change. This is an important step in New Zealand`s business world, hailed by local and global organizations as “strong” and “unprecedented.” As part of an emissions reduction mission to New Zealand, the group of 60 CEOs formed the Climate Leaders Coalition, which recognizes the role that companies can play in achieving change, and signed a joint declaration requiring their companies to act. Read this case study focuses on Z Energy, which supplies biodiesel to Fonterra milk tanks. New Investment Contract (or Customer Investment Contract) Background on 2020-21 Transfer Fee [ pdf 96.75 KB ] Watch the launch of the Climate Leaders Coalition held on July 12, 2018. Read more Under section 73 of Part 14, Transpower receives monthly rents. The table below describes Transpower`s methodology for allocating the surplus and a summary of the historical allocation. 2.21 On the other hand, Transpower had no guarantee that its royalties would be recovered, as the threat of refusing the distributors` electricity supply was not credible. Some companies had refused to pay because they did not agree with Transpower`s pricing method and some of the disputes had to vie for a legal settlement. Reducing energy consumption in our commercial buildings is an important part of our response to climate change. That`s why we are proud that our Office in Christchurch currently has the highest valuation of the NABERSNZ building in New Zealand.

The Coalition of Climate Leaders welcomes the Zero Carbon Act announced today.