Kentucky Covid Quarantine Agreement

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“That`s exactly what the director of the Department of Health told the judge that that`s why I refuse to go to a self-attendance, and that wasn`t the case at all,” Linscott said. “I never said that.” “You said, `We have three court orders for you, your wife and daughter, who are ashamed of refusing quarantine. So now you have to wear these ankle monitors,” said Isaiah Linscott, Elizabeth`s husband. We thought, “What will happen if we refuse?” It will only degenerate more and more. A Kentucky couple says they were placed under house arrest for refusing to sign self-quarantine documents. “That`s exactly what the director of the Ministry of Health told the judge that that`s why I refuse to engage in self-quarant, and it wasn`t the case at all. I never said that,” Elizabeth Linscott said. “We didn`t steal a store, we didn`t steal anything, we didn`t hit, we ran, we didn`t do anything wrong.” The couple said they did not refuse to go to a self-employed car and planned to do so. A Kentucky couple has been placed under house arrest after one of them tested positive for the coronavirus and refused to sign documents agreeing to a quarantine at home. The Linscotts are not the only ones who have been bound by the law for quarantine issues. On March 30, Kentucky Circuit judges ordered that at least four COVID-19 patients wear ankle monitors for allegedly breaking self-isolation orders. And on April 6, Kanawha County Circuit Court authorized the Sheriff`s Department to issue ankle monitors for those who refuse to quarantine. Colorado and Hawaii have also considered using ankle monitors to monitor those who have been quarantined. A Kentucky court spokeswoman said she could not comment on the ongoing legal proceedings.

Elizabeth Linscott was tested last week for COVID-19, reports WAVE. She planned to travel to Michigan to visit her family. Elizabeth Linscott and her husband Isaiah showed off their ankle monitors on nbc affiliate WAVE last week. Linscott told the channel that the Hardin County Sheriff`s Office arrived at their Hardin County home after testing positive for the coronavirus and subsequently refusing to sign a self-isolation and motion control order with instructions for her, Isaiah and her granddaughter. In a statement, Hardin County Sheriff John Ward said the office “issues daily court decisions from both Hardin Circuit and District Courts.” But Linscott said she would take the necessary precautions if she were to go to the hospital, such as let workers know she recently tested positive for COVID-19. Here`s what doctors suggest, non-priority patients who have symptoms of COVID 19 while waiting for test results. Elizabeth received a call from the Hardin County Department of Health asking why she decided not to sign the documents. After a discussion with an employee, Elizabeth hung up the phone. She then received a text message informing her that law enforcement was going to get involved because she had refused to sign.

Elisha Fieldstadt is an emergency reporter for NBC News. It all started when Elizabeth Linscott planned to visit her parents and decided to get tested for COVID-19 before the trip. After Elizabeth took place on the 11st She was contacted by the Hardin County Health Department in Kentucky…