Investor Subscription Agreement Template

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PandaTip: The Private Offer Memorandum, referred to in this Agreement below, contains details on how the investment dollars (see i) above correspond to each investor`s percentage of participation in the LLC. This document is used by companies to raise capital from investors. The assurances and warranties made therein are accurate and accurate at the time of this Agreement and are valid from the date of payment of the Subscriber to the Company until the Acceptance by the Company of the Subscriber`s Subscription. If the Subscriber`s assurances and warranties are deemed non-existent or accurate by the Subscriber prior to the Company`s acceptance of this Subscription Agreement, the Subscriber shall immediately inform the Company in writing. This is done simply by offering new shares to investors who will become shareholders of the company at the end of the transaction. If a company wishes to raise capital, it can do so by issuing shares that can be acquired by private placement or public offering. Whether you are a private investor or a company investing in another, a subscription contract defines the details of the transaction, including the price and the agreed amount of the shares. If you are the investor, you can protect yourself against companies that change the conditions of the activity. If it`s your company selling stocks or shares, you don`t want an investor to change their mind at the last minute. A subscription agreement can help you turn a promise into a real transaction.

PandaTip: A subscription agreement is what you use to get payments from investors in exchange for equity shares in your business.