How To Add Parties To An Agreement

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The companies and partnerships identified in the agreement should have: if all this sounds hyper-technical, welcome to the world of contracts. If Churchill had required, as part of Churchill`s acquisition of the Nestor royalties, that the licence agreement be amended to add it as a party, specifying that both parties were required to amend the licence agreement and that any termination of the licence agreement due to the insolvency of one party required the agreement of both parties, Churchill could still get the full future benefits of the purchase. Royalty electricity is appreciated. ACI Worldwide Corp. v. Churchill Lane Associates, LLC, No.16-1736 (8th Cir. January 27, 2017) concerned a licensing agreement between Nestor, Inc. (“Nestor”) and ACI Worldwide Corp (“ACI”). Overview Well after signing the contract, the parties may find that a change in events makes it impossible to fulfill their obligations within the agreed time.

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