Campus And School Agreement

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13 Support for promotional prices previous version of CASA: The contractual language on prices for renewing customers did not distinguish between standard SKUs and promotional prices limited in time. Academic licensing scholarships were mainly limited to the Open for Academic and Select for Academic programs. CASA 3.5: The language of the contract has been revised in order to prepare for possible promotions for CASA Den Weg. Advantage: Offers flexibility to offer special promotions to DE CASA customers. 13 Improvement: Treaty amendments bless the way to the use of special share prices. Enlargement: Treaty amendments pave the way for the use of special share prices. 20 Agreement Updates Campus and school agreement updates correspond to select License, Open License, and Enterprise Agreement 6.6 updates. The duration of the contract is shorter by 10% to 50% depending on the program. All signature blocks will be removed from all agreement forms and a new signature form will be introduced. Language and content have been updated to ensure consistency across all volume licensing agreements. Navigation has been improved with a new summary and a summary title. Advantages: unique signature event for the customer.

Contracts are easier to read and understand. Improve consistency between programs to make it easier for clients and partners to conclude a contract. 20 Improvement: Microsoft is making some minor but important updates to simplify licensing agreements for customers and partners. Improvement: Microsoft is introducing some minor but important updates to simplify licensing agreements for customers and partners. 23 Thank you 23 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. The information contained in this document is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation at the time of this presentation. It is intended to help you understand Microsoft`s volume licensing programs and the licensing and use of software by customers as part of those programs.

Customers should refer to their agreements in order to gain a complete understanding of their rights and obligations under Microsoft`s volume licensing programs. Microsoft software is licensed, not sold. The value and usefulness of using Microsoft software and services may vary by customer. Customers who have questions about the differences between this hardware and the agreements should contact their specialty reseller or Microsoft customer manager. . . .